Xerox Print Awareness Tool

How self-aware are you of your printing habits?

See how our print monitor can help you save money.

Use Xerox Print Awareness Tool when you want to:

  • Make better choices concerning printing.
    See how much you are saving each month on your personal desktop dashboard.
  • Learn new ways to improve print efficiencies at the intersection of paper and digital.
  • Optimize your company’s Managed Print Services environment.
  • Improve operational costs and productivity.

Xerox Print Awareness Tool is a unique approach to sustainability management and reducing print volumes. Our print monitor contributes to the triple bottom line and promotes sustainable habits at a personal level.

You can see your print usage, using an easy, interactive desktop interface, and take steps to improve print behavior. You get a personal view of print performance, not one where individual print performance is shared across colleagues. The print monitor offers sustainability tips and suggestions for improvement on the user’s dashboard.

Through each user’s contribution, your organization is one step closer to decreasing overall print costs and achieving corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals. Ultimately, this leads to a transformational experience.

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