Industry Solutions: Transportation

Helping Transportation Companies Get Work Done

Whether it’s for the public or private sector, you face enormous challenges if you work in transportation. Connex Systems has solutions to help you avoid street congestion and other problems. You’ll be better equipped to handle a variety of tasks, including:

  • Collecting fares and electronic tolls
  • Back-office processing
  • System installation

How Connex Systems Helps

Connex Systems can give you access to solutions for:

State and Local Transportation

Our available solutions and services have allowed state and local transportation agencies to serve their constituents better. We can give you access to:

  • Solutions for optimizing parking programs
  • Solutions for collecting fares and meeting daily public transit challenges
  • Photo-enforcement systems for school buses, red lights, and other locations
  • Solutions for collecting tolls and managing traffic flow
  • Services for collecting, distributing and auditing revenue from permit processing, vehicle registration, and roadside enforcement

Commercial Transportation

Connex Systems can also help fleet managers and drivers operate more efficiently and profitably. We help clients in commercial transportation save time, fuel and money.

More Industry Solutions

Connex Systems has many other excellent solutions. We’ve helped clients in several industries increase productivity, manage costs better and more. For more information, check out the pages listed below:






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If you work in transportation and would like to discuss how we can make your job easier, please contact us.