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One Powerful, Easy-to-Use Platform for Your Office

Connex Systems offers clients an extremely wide range of Xerox office systems and production print solutions. But despite this diversity, all of these products employ one powerful platform: ConnectKey®.

ConnectKey provides a seamless, integrated experience for users and IT staff throughout your workplace. You can use it across your office's entire product line, including:

Production Inkjet

Get Amazing, Affordable Prints with Connex Systems' Production Inkjet Systems

Balancing quality with affordability can be tricky. Happily, Connex Systems can make it easy for professional printers to deliver first-rate products at impressively low costs. With our production inkjet systems, you can take advantage of waterless inks and sophisticated technology to print on inexpensive, plain paper.

Benefits of Connex Systems' Production Inkjet Systems

The outstanding benefits of Connex Systems' production inkjet systems include:

OptimiDoc Cloud App

Optimize Your Scanning Workflows with OptimiDoc Cloud

Converting your paper documents to digital files should be a streamlined process. Connex Systems gives you the power to make this possible. With the OptimiDoc Cloud App, you can capture and route documents with maximum efficiency.

Benefits of the OptimiDoc Cloud App

Using the OptimiDoc Cloud App gives you a variety of outstanding benefits:

CapturePoint App

Scan Better with CapturePoint App

Document scanning is a vital process for many businesses today. Connex Systems can help you get set up with the CapturePoint App, which connects to your Xerox multifunction systems and streamlines your scanning-related workflows. With this partner app, you’ll be able to convert paper documents to digital content as quickly and securely as possible.

XMedius FAX App

Fax Anywhere Securely with XMedius FAX App

If you rely on faxes to do business, Connex Systems can help you get set up with the XMedius FAX App. This partner app connects your multifunction systems to the XMedius FAX Cloud service, which enables companies to fax securely any time and from anywhere. You can reap the benefits of more than 20 years of file exchange history.

MyWork App

Leverage Your Multifunction Systems with MyWork App

Clients with compatible multifunction systems can take advantage of the MyWork App. Connex Systems can help you get set up on this cloud-based platform, which allows you to get the most from your devices.

Connex Systems’ top priority is maximizing our clients productivity. The MyWork App enables you to optimize your multifunction systems by providing you with critical information and automating your workflows.

Xerox Easy Translator

Communicate Better with Xerox Easy Translator App

Office Systems has great partner apps for clients who work in the global market. We can help you get set up with the cloud-based Xerox Easy Translator service, which lets you translate documents directly from your multifunction system. You’ll gain the ability to communicate effectively with people around the world.

Scan to Cloud

Streamline Your Workflows with the Scan to Cloud App

For many modern businesses, document scanning is an essential process. Connex Systems can set you up with the Scan to Cloud App from Xerox to streamline your scanning workflows. With this free app from our tech partner, you’ll be able to route files to the appropriate locations and people faster than ever.

Benefits of Scan to Cloud App

The benefits of using Xerox’s Scan to Cloud App include:

Workflow Solutions

Scan Faster, Translate Documents & More with Workflow Solutions

To help our clients reach new levels of productivity, Connex Systems offers a diverse range of Workflow Solutions. With our free partner apps, you can accomplish a variety of tasks quicker and gain valuable information into your workplace’s activities. See the pages listed below to find out more:


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