Industry Solutions


Helping Transportation Companies Get Work Done

Whether it’s for the public or private sector, you face enormous challenges if you work in transportation. Connex Systems has solutions to help you avoid street congestion and other problems. You’ll be better equipped to handle a variety of tasks, including:


Helping Retailers Work Better

To stay profitable in the retail industry, you need clear and error-free workflows. Information needs to get to the right people as soon as possible. With Connex Systems’ available solutions, you can keep your competitive edge and improve customer satisfaction.

How Connex Systems Helps

Connex Systems offers solutions for:


Helping Government Agencies & U.S. Citizens

Government employees face a wide range of issues concerning documents. Operating as cost-effectively as possible is a major concern, of course. Another top priority is giving citizens new and convenient ways to get the services they need. With Connex Systems’ solutions, people who work in the public sector can handle documents and serve constituents better than ever before.

Graphic Communication

Tools and Resources for the Graphic Communications Field

To stay up-to-date in fields that rely on printing, you need to keep up with new demands and technology. Connex Systems has the resources to help you do exactly that. We offer hardware and solutions that enable clients who work in graphic communication to increase productivity and profitability.

How Connex Systems Helps

Connex Systems can provide you with:


Helping Law Firms

Attorneys and other legal professionals need to handle several types of documents. At the same time, they must meet strict regulations regarding confidentiality. At Connex Systems, we have solutions to help you access, produce and protect your important information.

How Connex Systems Helps

Connex Systems helps clients in the legal profession work better with:


Helping Educators Work with Students

People who work in higher education need to deal with an enormous amount of information. Connex Systems’ solutions make this easy to do. We can help you speed up your decision-making processes, communicate easier and much more.

How Connex Systems Helps

Connex Systems helps educators and administrators by providing solutions for:


Our workflow solutions let you:


Helping Manufacturing Firms Increase Efficiency

For manufacturing firms to get work done, they need to handle information efficiently. When workers don’t get the documents and data they need, the manufacturing cycle can come to a halt. At Connex Systems, our solutions can prevent that from happening.

With Connex Systems’ workflow solutions, you can:


Helping Insurance Companies Streamline Their Workflows

If you work in the insurance industry, you need to stay as efficient as possible. Among other things, this means minimizing errors and automating repetitive workflows. At Connex Systems, we have workflow solutions that enable you to do exactly that.

How Connex Systems Helps

Connex Systems can help you optimize every stage of the customer lifecycle. We offer clients in insurance solutions for:


Helping Healthcare Clients Serve Patients Better

Doctors and other professionals in the healthcare industry rely on a wide range of technology to serve patients. Connex Systems can help hospitals and other organizations work better every day. You’ll be able to:


Enhancing Customer Experience for the Banking Industry

Digital technology has created exciting opportunities for the banking industry. Connex Systems has solutions to help you:


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