An employee putting a document on a scanner.

Scan, Store and Send Your Documents Faster

Xerox ScannerConnex Systems offers an assortment of outstanding document scanners. With our equipment, you can scan your paper files to several different digital formats. From there, you can send them quickly via email or store them on your network.

In the modern business world, you need the ability to handle information digitally. This can mean being able to capture documents, retain important details and data and get files to the right people quickly. With Connex Systems’ scanners, you can do all of the above easily.

Features of Connex Systems’ Scanners

With our available scanners, you can:

  • Scan both sides of contracts, financial statements and many other types of documents
  • Scan hundreds or even thousands of images within minutes
  • Scan your documents to multiple destinations directly from the device
  • Create searchable PDF files
  • Meet your industry’s regulations for information security

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To discuss how our scanners can optimize your digital document processes, contact us.