Production Inkjet

Production Inkjet

Get Amazing, Affordable Prints with Connex Systems' Production Inkjet Systems

Balancing quality with affordability can be tricky. Happily, Connex Systems can make it easy for professional printers to deliver first-rate products at impressively low costs. With our production inkjet systems, you can take advantage of waterless inks and sophisticated technology to print on inexpensive, plain paper.

Benefits of Connex Systems' Production Inkjet Systems

The outstanding benefits of Connex Systems' production inkjet systems include:

Great Print Quality, Low Print Cost

Our systems can give you gorgeous images and sharp text on untreated, uncoated paper. This makes them great for:

  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Transactional Marketing
  • Catalog and Manual Printing

Unlike other inkjet printers, our available systems don't use water-based ink that seeps into a paper's fibers. Instead, they use patented waterless inks that sit on top of the paper like toner or litho inks do. This allows you to get great-looking prints on lightweight, cost-effective paper options.

Refillable Ink Drums

The ink drums of our production inkjet systems are integral parts of the machines themselves. You can refill them while the systems are running, which allows you to keep your productivity high. Also, you'll never need to worry about recycling or disposing of the ink drums.

Automated Cleaning and Other Processes

Our systems have a number of automated features that make them extrememly easy to use. These include:

  • Automatic print head cleaning and maintenance
  • Automatic print jet alignment
  • Automatic detection of missing jets

Ink Management Options

Our production inkjet systems also give you the ability to control how much ink is used on a particular job. You can give important print jobs the extra quality and attention they need while saving resources on the less critical ones.

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For more details and specifications on our production inkjet systems, see our product catalog.

To discuss how any of our systems can enhance the quality of your documents, contact us.