OptimiDoc Cloud App

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Optimize Your Scanning Workflows with OptimiDoc Cloud

Converting your paper documents to digital files should be a streamlined process. Connex Systems gives you the power to make this possible. With the OptimiDoc Cloud App, you can capture and route documents with maximum efficiency.

Benefits of the OptimiDoc Cloud App

Using the OptimiDoc Cloud App gives you a variety of outstanding benefits:

Fast Installation & Implementation

It takes almost no time or effort to start using this partner app. Just install it on your multifunction system’s control panel and register your company at cloud.optimidoc.com. It’s that simple!

Centralized Administration

You can check out news, manage users and review scanning activity all in one spot.

Advanced OCR Technology

The OptimiDoc Cloud App processes files by using cutting-edge OCR technology. You can convert your paper documents to .doc, .xls and other editable formats with outstanding accuracy. You won’t need to worry about incorrect formatting, skewed paragraphs or fuzzy images. Also, OptimiDoc Cloud supports almost 200 languages.

Customizable Scanning Options

This app makes it easy for you to create scanning workflows for particular types of documents. Each workflow will have a specific document format and destination.

Affordable Credit System

OptimiDoc Cloud has a credit system, which makes it affordable for anyone to use. You spend credits according to how many pages you scan. If you don’t scan anything, you don’t pay anything. Also, you can track which users spend the most credits.

Powerful Security Features

OptimiDoc Cloud encrypts all your data by using SSL protocol. You can restrict access to specific users, set up PIN security or user SingleSignOn to ensure that only authorized personnel can see your information.

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To discuss how the OptimiDoc Cloud App can optimize your scanning processes, contact us.