Industry Solutions: Manufacturing

Helping Manufacturing Firms Increase Efficiency

For manufacturing firms to get work done, they need to handle information efficiently. When workers don’t get the documents and data they need, the manufacturing cycle can come to a halt. At Connex Systems, our solutions can prevent that from happening.

With Connex Systems’ workflow solutions, you can:

  • Share information with customers, coworkers, and suppliers easier
  • Improve collaboration among different teams and departments
  • Increase efficiency
  • Meet compliance standards easier

How Connex Systems Helps

Connex Systems aids clients in manufacturing by providing solutions for:

Engineering Change Management

We can help you integrate your CAD, MES and PLM systems and reduce your reliance on paper documents. You can minimize errors and communicate specifications for new components faster.

R&D Testing

We can give you a secure, centralized location to store all of your critical R&D documents. You’ll gain the ability to collaborate and do market testing more easily. You’ll also be able to get your products to market faster.


Our solutions can help you meet Quality Assurance requirements too. You can enter info on policies and procedures into a user-friendly checklist. In turn, these checklists can help you get better feedback and metrics.

Repair & Maintenance

MRO personnel can benefit from our solutions as well. We can make work orders and other client information more readily available. This will allow you to handle repairs faster and improve customer satisfaction.

Logistics & Fulfillment

With our solutions, you can manage orders with far greater ease. You can eliminate paper from your fulfillment process and reduce errors.

More Industry Solutions

Connex Systems’ solutions can benefit clients in several other industries. Check out these pages for details:





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To discuss how we can help you improve your manufacturing processes, contact us.