Industry Solutions: Insurance

Helping Insurance Companies Streamline Their Workflows

If you work in the insurance industry, you need to stay as efficient as possible. Among other things, this means minimizing errors and automating repetitive workflows. At Connex Systems, we have workflow solutions that enable you to do exactly that.

How Connex Systems Helps

Connex Systems can help you optimize every stage of the customer lifecycle. We offer clients in insurance solutions for:

Claims Processing & Case Management

We can help you minimize the time needed to process property and casualty claims. You can capture and store information faster and put it to use easier. Our solution can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and customer records.

Field Claims Adjusters Solutions

We have resources to help field adjusters review and change policy and claim information wherever and whenever the need arises. They can access files from their laptops or tablets and get work done faster on the go.

New Business Processing

We can help you cut down on the time and labor expenses associated with the underwriting process. You’ll be able to capture information accurately and store it in your systems quickly.

ACORD Application Processing

You can process ACORD insurance forms faster. We give you the ability to shorten the time it takes to onboard new clients and process claims.

More Industry Solutions

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