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Industry Solutions: Graphic Communication

Tools and Resources for the Graphic Communications Field

To stay up-to-date in fields that rely on printing, you need to keep up with new demands and technology. Connex Systems has the resources to help you do exactly that. We offer hardware and solutions that enable clients who work in graphic communication to increase productivity and profitability.

How Connex Systems Helps

Connex Systems can provide you with:

Digital Presses

Our advanced digital presses deliver professional-quality prints rapidly and repeatedly. Sophisticated controls allow you to monitor, modify and stop print jobs with outstanding efficiency.

Wide Format Printers

Our wide format printers give you the ability to print and scan large-sized documents like blueprints and posters.

Printing Solutions

Connex Systems offers a vast array of printing solutions. We can help you print a wide range of products, including:

Production Print Workflow Solutions

You can integrate our Production Print hardware with our workflow solutions. This will enable you to truly take control of complex print jobs and set up your online store easily.

More Industry Solutions

Connex Systems’ equipment and software has helped a diverse range of industries work better. Check out the pages listed below for more information:









If you work in graphic communication and would like to discuss how we can improve your processes, contact us.