FreeFlow Print Server

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Enhance Production with FreeFlow Print Server

Connex Systems’ solutions enable you to optimize your production capabilities. Nothing does this better than the Xerox FreeFlow Print Server. This solution has supported every digital press in the Xerox portfolio since 1995.

When you use FreeFlow Print Server, you can reap the benefits of more than 20 years of tested and proven performance. This solution will enhance your productivity and create opportunities for growing your business.

Features of FreeFlow Print Server

FreeFlow Print Server has such outstanding features as:

  • Simple, user-friendly interface (just click, drag and drop)
  • Sophisticated job control (proof, reprogram, forward, hold or interrupt jobs)
  • Native file format support
  • Variable data capabilities
  • Hot folders for JDF job tickets
  • Options for programming different queues
  • Powerful security features (numerous security levels, password protection, encrypted job submission)

Benefits of FreeFlow Print Server

The benefits that FreeFlow Print Server delivers include:

  • Fantastic workflow flexibility and color management
  • Opportunities for streamlining your printer fleet
  • Minimal training time and expenses
  • Ability to handle the most challenging print jobs
  • Greater profit-generating potential

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To discuss how FreeFlow Print Server can help increase the potential of your production fleet, contact us.