Digital StoreFront

Digital Storefront

Boost Your Earnings and Audience with Digital StoreFront

At Connex Systems, we make it our business to improve how you do business. Digital StoreFront from EFI and Xerox is a perfect example. From creating an online store to processing orders, this solution eliminates roadblocks and headaches. You’ll see your business reach new levels of profitability quickly.

Features of Digital StoreFront

Digital StoreFront comes with these excellent features:


You can create as many customized storefronts as you want or need. You can take advantage of:

  • Brand-specific logos and colors
  • Up-to-date web design themes and templates
  • Advanced administration tools for customizing websites’ HTML and CSS
  • Cutting-edge, mobile responsive technologies

Media Campaign Options

Digital StoreFront allows you to:

  • Design and implement multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Add campaigns to your Web-to-Print Storefront with minimal difficulty
  • Give buyers the ability to choose campaigns, add data and make direct purchases

Variable Data Processing (VDP)

Digital StoreFront comes with VDP software, which enables you to create highly specific campaigns:

  • You can employ rules-driven personalization to make business cards, postcards, and other documents.
  • You can integrate this software into your mailing workflows or use Direct Mail Automation to send documents out faster.

Visual Product Builder

Digital StoreFront also comes with Visual Product Builder, which enables you to:

  • Create products by uploading files
  • Get quotes
  • Submit orders

Online Job Submission/Management

Creating and processing orders becomes effortless with Digital StoreFront:

  • It covers order creation, the complete checkout process and tracking of orders.
  • It gives you automated production (includes planning, scheduling, and pricing).
  • It gives buyers the ability to create orders, check statuses and reorder products.

Shopping Cart and Payment Options

Direct StoreFront makes ordering products, accepting payments and processing orders one smooth, seamless affair.

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To discuss how Digital StoreFront can improve your business operations, contact us.