Color Digital Presses

Digital Press in busy production facility

Maximize Print Quantity and Quality with Connex Systems’ Color Digital Presses

At Connex Systems, we specialize in finding ways for you to automate and simplify your workflows and optimize your productivity. One of the best ways we do this is by offering a selection of top-notch color digital presses.

These advanced devices are ideal for customers with exceptionally high printing demands. You can monitor and regulate your big print jobs down to the smallest detail. You’ll get complex documents as quickly as possible.

Features of Connex Systems’ Color Digital Presses

Our stock of digital presses give you:

Optimal Print Speeds and Duty Cycles

You can print millions of pages every month. When you’re facing tight deadlines, you can take advantage of speed-increasing options. Large paper trays will enable you to print for longer amounts of time.

Professional-Level Print Quality

Our digital presses integrate easily with stock libraries and come with enhanced line screen capability. You’ll be able to print an extremely wide range of documents and give them professional-level quality.

Sophisticated Print Controls

With our available equipment, you can take greater control of your print jobs. Our digital presses give you the ability to:

  • Manage hundreds of print queues
  • Preview, edit and interrupt print jobs
  • Submit jobs from many different sources (desktops, USB drives, CDs, mainframe systems)
  • Automate tickets for jobs
  • Customize printing workflows

Largest Cut Sheet Color Production Line

Connex Systems gives you access to Xerox's cut sheet production color press line, the largest line of such products available today. Xerox was a pioneer in the field of production printing, and they've continued this proud tradition. They have hardware to meet both low-volume and high-volume demands.

To read specifications on our Xerox color presses, see our product catalog.

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To discuss how our digital presses make it easy to produce professional-level documents, contact us.