Color Management

color management

Get Sharper Colors with Color Management

With Connex Systems’ Color Management solution, you can maximize print quality and efficiency. This product is ideal for companies that print professionally. It combines cloud server access with applications and workflow solutions to give you reliably accurate colors for your prints.

When you’re in the business of printing, color accuracy and consistency become extremely important. If you run multiple presses and locations, keeping your prints of uniform quality can be difficult but absolutely vital. Color Management eliminates production challenges and allows you to exceed customer expectations.

Benefits of Color Management

Color Management gives you:

  • Amazingly consistent color quality for your photos, promotional materials, and other important prints
  • Automatic monitoring and remote administration for your printing
  • Automation for your offline, near line and inline workflows
  • Highly efficient and accurate cloud-based data analysis
  • Optimal productivity and print accuracy
  • Reliable security for your documents
  • Greatly reduced printing costs

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To discuss how Color Management can optimize the color quality and consistency of your prints, contact us.