Collateral Printing


Get the Collateral that Your Business Needs

Print collateral may seem inconsequential to some people, but just try getting business done without it. Companies and organizations need a variety of material in order to complete tasks every day. With Connex Systems’ Production Print offerings, you can get high-quality collateral that not only helps you get work done but also enhances your business image.

How Connex Systems Helps

Connex Systems’ advanced digital presses and finishing equipment give you high document volumes without compromising quality. They give you the power to produce collateral like:

Business Forms

Your forms will have impressively crisp text and vivid colors.

Direct Mailers

You can produce postcards and other direct mail pieces that have a bold, professional appearance. They’ll impress the people who receive them and encourage trust in your business.

Sales Sheets

You can effortlessly make tri-folds, one-pagers and other sales sheets.


Clean, professional-looking letterhead helps your business put its best foot forward. Our presses can deliver stationery that gives potential clients a good first impression and reflects your brand properly.


Our digital presses let you produce large numbers of first-rate brochures.

More Printing Solutions

Connex Systems has several other printing solutions to give you the sophisticated documents that you need. Go to the following pages for more details:

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To discuss how we can help you get the collateral your business needs, contact us.