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Scan Better with CapturePoint App

Document scanning is a vital process for many businesses today. Connex Systems can help you get set up with the CapturePoint App, which connects to your Xerox multifunction systems and streamlines your scanning-related workflows. With this partner app, you’ll be able to convert paper documents to digital content as quickly and securely as possible.

Benefits of CapturePoint App

The benefits that the CapturePoint App give you include:

Optimized Efficiency

Once you install the app, it becomes effortless to capture documents and create editable electronic files.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

It only takes a few minutes to set up CapturePoint. You don’t need to buy a service, configure any software or perform any maintenance.

Minimal Cost

Once you’ve implemented CapturePoint and subscribed to CapturePoint Transformer services, you get limitless scans for your entire workplace. Not only that, the subscription’s cost is exceptionally low.

Powerful Data Security

Thanks to powerful SSL encryption, data transferred between your multifunction system and the CapturePoint cloud platform can’t be intercepted.

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To discuss how the CapturePoint App can streamline your scanning processes, contact us.